Обложка книги No Lie - Truth is the Ultimate Sales Tool

No Lie - Truth is the Ultimate Sales Tool


ISBN: 0071411046;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

A top Fortune 500 sales trainer shows how to transform the ugly truth into beautiful sales No Lie--Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool introduces salespeople to a powerful new approach to winning customers' trust instantly and selling more, more, more. Drawing upon his years of experience training sales forces at Xerox, American Express, PepsiCo, Verizon, and other top shops worldwide, guru Barry Maher explains why the most effective salespeople know how to transform their product or service's negatives into positive selling points, or even bragging points. Using fascinating and instructive real-world examples, he describes six proven strategies that let readers: Win customer trust, instantly, by telling the whole truth about a product Use that trust to transform a negative into a powerful selling point Compare a product's shortcomings with a competitor's advantages and come out on top Convince potential customers that a...

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