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Homer B. Smith

Salesman's Guide to More Effective Selling: The Handbook of Selling Skills

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· OZON.ru 2705р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 0962128503
Издательство: Marketing Education Associates
Basic selling techniques used by professional salespeople at every stage of the sale. The 4 great areas of selling competency. The 6 basic buying motives. 4 ways to determine the buying motives. How to use the FAB formula to emphasize benefits. 6 stages in planning the sale. 5 mental steps to the sale. 7 big buying decisions. The basic selling formula chart. 11 basic sources for prospects. 4 ways to qualify a prospect. 10 ways to get to the person who can sign the order. 11 ideas for favorable first impressions. 13 techniques for a successful approach. 4 steps in all successful demonstrations. 9 techniques for overcoming objections. 6 basic ways to close a sale. How to use questions at each stage of the sale to get agreements that lead tomore sales. 11 ways to improve your listening skill. How to handle problem customers. A 5-step customer conservation program. 6 ways to keep your customers. 4 steps to win customers back. Determining a call frequency schedule....
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