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Steve A Klein

Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!

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ISBN: 0971192804
Издательство: Brown Books
Understand why "Scorekeeping" is a sales requirement for success! the nine sales steps to high income! why those nine steps are imperative to develop life-long clients! how not to "run red lights" with your prospects and clients! how to get your prospect to pull down their "garbage can lid!" how to close the "gap" between where your prospect is now and where you'd like them to be! why there are nine sales within every sale! why you need to "own" your prospect's problems! how to "Change" yourself and others! Learn how to earn four times the money in one fourth the time! the "18 Critical Things to Remember" during your sales presentation! how to "track" yourself to sales success! how to "negotiate" a sale, rather than "close!" how to receive up to "400" referrals each month! a "follow-up" system guaranteed to produce...
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