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Christian Gronroos

Service Management and Marketing: A Customer Relationship Management Approach

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ISBN: 0-47172-034-8
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 404
Gronroos presents the most scholarly and provocative examination of services marketing that I have seen in our literature. This book is guaranteed to challenge company ideas on how services should be managed and the role they play in defining a company's competitive strength and profitability. Gronroos continues as one of services marketing's most original thinkers. Philip Kotler S.C Johnson Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, J. L. Kellog Graduate School of Management Northwestern University Gronroos is one of the world's foremost experts on this topic. This new book will be eagerly read by many. Stephen W.Brown PhD Edward M.Carson Chair in Services Marketing, Professor and Director, Center for Services Marketing Management, Arizona State University Service Management and Marketing is exceptionally good! It is the most comprehensive and integrative textbook in the field....