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Thomas R. Crowel, Thomas Ray Crowel

Simple Selling: Common Sense That Guarantees Your Success

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ISBN: 0966991702
Издательство: Success Press (IN)
There are no "secrets" to success! Tom Crowel's book explains five common sense principles that will guarantee your success and guide you through a very successful career. Everyone sells...everything you can imagine is sold. Simple Selling offers you asimple and fast-action blueprint for success in both buying and selling. We've all heard these questions..."Is there such a thing as a gift of gab?" "Why can't I seem to stay motivated?" "What if the customer says no?" "How do I find prospects?" You'll find the answers to these questions and more. Simple Selling is quick, to the point and takes you step by step through what has to be done in order to be your best. You are invited to realize your dreams while climbing to the top!
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