Обложка книги Single Stock Futures for Small Speculators

Single Stock Futures for Small Speculators

ISBN: 0966624564;
Издательство: Enlightened Financial Press

This is the companion to our best-selling book "Futures For Small Speculators". It puts all of the concepts that were taught in the first book right at your fingertips. Futures For Small Speculators Workbook goes in depth on explaining each tradeable commodity market. The Workbook elaborates on the exchanges and how they work. The Workbook then offers you the necessary questions to develop your own Futures Trading Plan. In addition to that the Workbook has the essential Futures Trading Journal built intoit. Giving you the opportunity to use this book in your day to day trading. If you are a futures trader or you are thinking about becoming one, this workbook is invaluable in helping you reach your goals.

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