Обложка книги The Selling Edge: Winning over Today's Business Customers

The Selling Edge: Winning over Today's Business Customers


ISBN: 0944435211;
Издательство: Glenbridge Publishing, Ltd.

The Selling Edge explores the changing business environment and identifies the tools and techniques required to make your salespeople more efficient, more responsive, and, as a result, more successful in this highly competitive sales environment. It focuses on business-to-business selling and takes a comprehensive look at top performing salespeople, identifying the methods and procedures that have made them successful. This book breaks new ground by concentrating on challenges facing the sales manager, detailing the steps to be taken to develop a high-performance sales organization, and recognizing the pitfalls to be avoided. With the downsizing of corporate America, business customers have no time to waste. Many businesses are being called upon to do more with less. They expect sales organizations to answer their needs in a fast and efficient manner. Companies will not accept delays in responding to their questions, nor will they accept proposals that focus on product features...