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Joel Saltzman

The Worst Salesman in the World: Becoming the Best by Learning from the Worst

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ISBN: 0966715608
Издательство: Shake It
Field-tested, can't-win techniques to make every sale disappear! (Plus tips and tools for doing infinitely better!) Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from someone else's? It's much quicker and infinitely less painful. The Worst Salesman in the World tells is the best investment any businessperson can make. Pearls of wisdom include all the things NOT TO DO so that savvy businesspeople can avoid disaster and achieve the greatest business success they've ever experienced. Clear, conciseand compelling, The Worst Salesman in the World also features dozens of creative problem solving techniques that do work-success stories as varied as Ben Franklin and Jack Nicholson. Also included are secrets of the best salespeople in the world,from the CEO of RiteAid and Blockbuster to the CEO who worked for 15 years to win a $385 million annual contract. Study well what this book has to offer-and learn to do the opposite! Learn from the "Best of the Worst": * Avoid asking...
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