Обложка книги Three Steps to Yes: The Gentle Art of Getting Your Way

Three Steps to Yes: The Gentle Art of Getting Your Way

ISBN: 0609807196;
Издательство: Three Rivers Press (CA)

“ Three Steps to Yes shows you how to sell your ideas or yourself . . . a clear guide for instilling trust and respect.” — BookPage Everybody has to sell something sometimes. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, getting your message across requires selling yourself and your ideas in a way that guarantees a positive response, even from the most stubborn listener. Three Steps to Yes teaches you how to get your way without becoming a high-pressure salesman, without compromising your principles, and without hurting your personal relationships. Gene Bedell demonstrates the difference between having just good ideas and having your good ideas put into action. His three-step plan shows you how to: * Fulfill your personal needs as well as others’ * Be credible and trustworthy * Communicate persuasively Three Steps to Yes isn’t a book of selling tricks. It’s a model for persuading your coworkers or your...