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Ellen Bendremer

Top Telemarketing Techniques

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· OZON.ru 2006р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 1564146855
Издательство: Career Press
Top Telemarketing Techniques is an information-packed resource for all sales professionals. It offers expert insight and proven strategies for using the telephone as a powerful and effective sales tool. This book offers valuable information needed to develop, improve upon, and fully utilize your telephone sales skills, allowing you to close more sales over the telephone. Telemarketing is a highly cost-effective and timesaving alternative to most other forms of sales and marketing for any organization. Top Telemarketing Techniques offers solutions for utilizing the telephone to close more sales and generate higher revenues. If you're a salesperson, manager, entrepreneur, or business leader, this is the one sales training book you need to begin maximizingyour use of the telephone in order to vastly improve sales and customer relations.
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