Обложка книги Writing Killer Sales Proposals (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

Writing Killer Sales Proposals (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

ISBN: 1932156712;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Business & Investing Distributed Product

Secrets That Proposal-Writing Pros Don't Want You To Know Your proposal doesn't get a second chance to make a good first impression. You may think, "RFP is a dirty word, yet proposals are the precursors for almost every business-to-business exchange.Billions of dollars in products and services are riding on them every day, and they may--or may not--make the grade. Get your fair share of the business. Take a lesson from the pros and master both the science--and the art--of writing proposals that get winning results. Learn the tricks that most proposal writers would prefer to keep under wraps. Bud Porter-Roth, one of the most powerful proposal writers in the world, shares the secrets of the trade. Step by proven step, you will: *Createa winning proposal-writing process you can use over and over *Determine customers' needs *Define the organization, scope and content of the proposal *Develop a winning strategy to do the job *Get the proposal to the...