Обложка книги You'll Never Get No for an Answer

You'll Never Get No for an Answer

ISBN: 0671736493;
Издательство: Pocket Books

Jack Carew, one of the most dynamic and innovative sales training consultants in America today, offers his ten unique strategies of Positional Selling for sales-people in every area. Whether you're selling ideas, products, or even yourself, you'll benefit from the precise, standard-setting methods shared with thousands of top sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies and major corporations around the world. Discover the Positional Selling strategies that will change your life as a salesperson: * You'll never feel like an unwelcome guest -- if you ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY * You'll never use the language of a loser -- if you BRING YOUR ENERGY TO THE CUSTOMER * You'll never have a rejection hangover -- if you MAKE THE CUSTOMER PART OF THE SOLUTION * You'll never make a spray-and-pray sales call -- if you FIND THE AREA OF OPPORTUNITY * You'll never fumble over an objection -- if you INVEST IN THE RELATIONSHIP * You'll never lose a customer...

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