Обложка книги Power Base Selling: Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter

Power Base Selling: Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter

ISBN: 0-471-32733-6;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 240

"Holden's book is rich with wisdom and sage advice and should be required reading for any salesperson who wants to understand how to merge a sales strategy and a political strategy to win the hearts of their customers' Power Base."—Rodney D. Cotton, Vice President, Sales-United States, Baxter Healthcare, Renal Division. "Jim Holden's book is for serious salespeople and executives who are focused on winning. It provides insights, techniques, and everyday tools to reach the highest possible level of success. The book is most insightful and is a required reading and work tool for enterprise salespeople and executives."—Grant Evans, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Identicator Technology. "The Holden Power Base Selling techniques have provided our sales teams with a common language from which to develop and plan strategies and tactics."— Colin Latham, President and CEO, MT&T (Canada). " Power Base Selling is essential... The book is rich with lessons...

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