Обложка книги Art and Science of Selling, Part 2

Art and Science of Selling, Part 2

ISBN: 0766160696;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 636

1922. Other volumes in this set include ISBN number(s): 0766160688. Volume 2 of 2. This volume contains Volumes V through VIII of the original works. The purpose of this course on salesmanship and personal efficiency is to give ambitious men and women anopportunity to improve themselves and become successful, scientific business producers through spare time or whole time study. Volume V, Language and Persuasion, includes lessons on the use of words in expression, punctuation and paragraphing, elements of correct English, discourse and the sales talk, use of logical argument and suggestion, sensations the basis of judgment, reasoning a form of persuasion, and use of suggestion in selling. Volume VI, Handling the Customer, presents lessons in useful points in judging customers, customers to guard against in selling, customers all salesmen like to sell, customers who: try your self-control, believe in salesmen, depend on themselves, reason things out, and accept suggestions. Volume VII,...