Обложка книги Shut Up and Sell

Shut Up and Sell

ISBN: 0595275176;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 108

Are you in sales? Want fast results selling more? Then this book is for you. The sales methods given in this book apply to salespeople of all kinds—from clerks selling in retail stores and servers in restaurants to sales representatives in high-end golf communities selling homes for millions of dollars. Veterans and beginners alike will benefit from this new approach to sales that gets fast results. Thousands have already gained the benefit of the methods given in this book. It is agreat advantage to anyone wishing to improve their selling techniques and earn more money immediately. Numerous golf course communities, new home and real estate companies, and manufacturers’ representatives throughout the United States have been using these techniques for years, generating billions of dollars a year in new revenues. Now you can apply these proven techniques to say less and sell more with fast results today.

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