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Ed Gubman

The Engaging Leader: Winning with Today's Free Agent Workforce

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ISBN: 0793165148
Издательство: Kaplan Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Book Description Hold on to your talent! To get the best and keep them, managers should hire and lead like good coaches do. Business leaders struggling to attract and retain skilled employees can learn valuable lessons from veteran coaches and sports team managers. These pros have developed engaging leadership styles over years of dealing with a shortage of skilled talent, great mobility, and a younger generation demanding greater personal fulfillment. So how do business leadersengage their employees? Just like winning coaches do: by hiring talented people who fit, setting ambitious goals for winning, and creating chemistry and trust among the team. Examining the highly successful methods of coaching greats Lou Piniella, Dennis Green, Phil Jackson, Scotty Bowman, and many others, The Engaging Leader helps today's business leaders learn to build on their strengths, focus on the long term potential of employees, hold themselves accountable,...
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