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Victor Buzzotta

Dimensional Selling : Using the Breakthrough Q4 Approach to Close More Sales

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ISBN: 0071447334, 978-5-699-22597-2
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Год издания: 2004
Book Description A powerful, behavioral-based approach to closing sales Called dimensional selling, the Q4 model evaluates customers' specific behavioral patterns. It enables sales professionals to tailor presentations to personality traits, thereby forging strong bonds of trust and enduring relationships with customers. Psychologists Victor Buzzotta and Robert Lefton present this proven sales approach based on behavioral science that is guaranteed to give sales professionals an unbeatable competitive edge. Drawing upon their work with Citicorp, Hyatt Corp., Merrill Lynch, Warner Bros., and other top companies, the authors show readers how to: Pinpoint what motivates individual buyers Work more effectively with customers by understanding their basic behavior patterns Adapt selling strategies on the fly Manage problem customers--regardless of their issues Plan sales calls that optimize the chances of success
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