Обложка книги Sell Easily Using Science

Sell Easily Using Science

ISBN: 1932077685;
Издательство: Athena Press Pub

Book DescriptionAfter a successful sales career spanning several decades and two continents, David J. Voegeli writes from retirement on the science of selling, aiming his advice at those new to sales and those who are experiencing stumbling blocks on theway. The core of his message is simply this: Make it easy for people to buy and you will soon become a successful professional salesperson. How to make it easy for your prospects to buy from you is illustrated in the useful scenarios that the author setsout in these pages. Making contact, introducing the product, and closing - David J. Voegeli makes it all clear. He also touches on discounts, display, after-service, accounts overdue, free gifts, flyers, and advertising copy... and getting from A to B! So if you're part detective, part psychologist, and part politician - as he says - this book is for you, because you're a salesperson. Be professional. Read it.

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