Обложка книги You Gotta Wanna: Traits Of The Sales Greats

You Gotta Wanna: Traits Of The Sales Greats

ISBN: 0974383023;
Издательство: Advantage Source

Book DescriptionTwenty percent of the salespeople make 80 percent of the profit. Those 20 percent are considered the great salespeople. What makes them great are the tried and true methods salespeople have been using for years. It begins with a passion for sales. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, everyone needs to know the traits of the sales greats. We complied those traits and strategies into sixty-two chapters, none of them more than four pages for fast and easy reading. At the end of each chapter there are about five questions with spaces to write answers. The questions ask readers to think about their thought processes, how they would act in a sales situation, and to evaluate past sales experiences. Another section offers assistance with answeringthe questions.