Обложка книги Powerful Medical Device Sales

Powerful Medical Device Sales

ISBN: 1594911169;
Издательство: UniversityOfHealthCare

Book DescriptionThis title is part of the UniversityOfHealthCare/ UniversityOfBusiness Interactive Training Library, which offers authoritative, clearly written material in an interactive form for better comprehension and documentation of completion. Powerful Medical Device Sales is a comprehensive course with over 100 videos and animations for the medical device and pharmaceutical sales representative on sales skills to use with doctors and hospitals while observing correct procedures and building trust. It takes the attitude that consultative selling and considerate behavior create the most productive client relationships. It covers the structure of a hospital, medical staff, the hospital pharmacy, the hospital-based pharmacist, the nursing service, policies and procedures for hospital vendors, HIPAA essentials for the sales rep, sexual harassment, sales professionalism and building trust, customer management (with video interviews of doctors, a hospital pharmacist, and a medical...