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Bill Byron Concevitch

Counter-Intuitive Selling: Mastering the Art of the Unexpected

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ISBN: 1419593293
Издательство: Kaplan Business
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 272
Sometimes the hardest thing to tell a customer is “no,” but it might just be the only way to win the sale. There are over 16 million sales professionals in the United States, and all are constantly looking for new ways to acquire and retain key clients. But because clients and prospects are so attuned to traditional goal-oriented, closing-focused techniques of sales professionals, new approaches are needed to break old sales patterns (and client responses) and to ultimately win sales and customer loyalty. Counter-Intuitive Selling presents a fresh approach that teaches new sets of habits and behaviors that might seem counter-intuitive to the selling process but that will propel professionals higher in productivity and performance. Using real-life success stories and step-by-step action plans to break old habits and create new ones, this behavior-changing book delivers a proven process that delivers new levels of success. ...
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