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Tage Skjott-Larsen, Philip B. Schary, Juliana H. Mikkola, Herbert Kotzab

Managing the Global Supply Chain

Обложка книги Managing the Global Supply Chain

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ISBN: 8763001713
Издательство: Copenhagen Business School Pr
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 459
How has the global supply chain been affected by the world's shift toward globalization? How has the supply chain been affected by the widespread adoption of the Internet, the advent of e-commerce, the development of new software, and by international developments such as NAFTA, the euro and the WTO? This book charts the evolution of the supply chain toward a more customer-oriented and flexibly designed mode, with the customizing of products and services to meet specific customer requirements and with outsourcing, strategic partnerships and the integration of operations. Schary and SkjA?tt-Larsen have fully updated their trail-blazing first edition, giving readers of this new edition not only an insightful overview of the conceptual foundations of the global supply chain, but also a welter of current examples to show that supply chains are not only a new way to supply markets but have become the core of corporate strategy itself. The concepts the authors introduce include...
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