Обложка книги Bending the Law: The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy

Bending the Law: The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy

ISBN: 0226767531; 9780226767536;
Издательство: University of Chicago Press

Winner of the American Bar Association's 1992 Silver Gavel Award "in recognition of an outstanding contribution to public understanding of the American system of law and justice." "Mr. Sobol has produced a readable yet fully researched and detailed study of the operation of the bankruptcy and its effects upon all concerned--the women who were injured, the swarms of lawyers who represented parties in the bankruptcy, and the court which oversaw the bankruptcy in Richmond. . . . This book adds greatly to the current debate about how strong a managerial federal judge our system should have."--Paul D. Rheingold, New York Law Journal " Bending the Law is polemical and relentless. It is also minutely researched, fluidly written, and persuasive."--Paul Reidinger, ABA Journal " Bending the Law is a must read for bankruptcy practitioners, and for anyone else concerned about the use of bankruptcy law to deal with mass torts. Although its author...

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