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Richard Dimaggio

Collection Agency Harassment: What the Debt Collector Doesn't Want You to Know

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ISBN: 0971711909
Издательство: Consumer Press
Every year, millions of people are the target of collection agency harassment. People react in a variety of ways: they screen their phone calls, are afraid to open their mail. Some consumers run to a bankruptcy lawyer simply to get away from the harassment. Few people understand their rights under the law, and even fewer know they can actually sue the debt collector for abusive and deceptive behavior. In fact, the collection industry is a multi-billion dollar industry: collectors are trained in the art of deception. When a consumer loses a job, goes through a divorce, or has an illness, they are already in a state of depression. The collector knows this, and knows how to prey on you to get you to pay. Collectors and their lawyers meet at conventions. The lawyers tell the collectors which cases have been won and which have been lost; which tactics have been deemed legal and which have been deemed illegal. Imagine: they are ganging up on you. They are trained; you should be,...