Обложка книги Ten Cents on the Dollar, Or, the Bankruptcy Game

Ten Cents on the Dollar, Or, the Bankruptcy Game

ISBN: 189312231X;
Издательство: Beard Books

Written by the financial editor and columnist who covered the bankruptcy courts for Fairchild Publications, this book exposes the behind-the-scene story of bankruptcies and the people who profit from them. . . . without losing your shirt. In this entertaining guided tour of Chapter 11, you'll meet the bankrupts and the people who make their living from them, including auctioneers, lawyers, accountants, and collection men. This book takes you behind the scenes to where the deals are made, showing the gimmicks used and the fees collected. Find out the danger signals that give advance notice of a bankruptcy in the making, and learn how to cut through public relations semantics to determine whether a company really is in distress.