Обложка книги The Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms       (Environmental Law)

The Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms (Environmental Law)

ISBN: 0471963577; 9780471963578;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

The Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms is a unique guide to the complex language of contemporary environmental legislation and policy. It includes: practical and concise definitions of over 650 environmental terms and reference information on the many different environmental organisations and how they can be contacted a guide to scientific abbreviations a glossary of acronyms a schedule of selected EC directives further references where appropriate The lexicon will be a vital source of information for lawyers, particularly when dealing with expert evidence. It will also prove an invaluable first point of reference for professional advisers, policy-makers, lobbyists, students and those within business and industry affected by environmental legislation. "...offers a wealth of information to a very broad range of people. ...fills a much needed gap."—Environmental Assessment