Обложка книги Bankruptcy: 21st Centure Debtor Creditor Law

Bankruptcy: 21st Centure Debtor Creditor Law

ISBN: 0314254196;
Издательство: West
Страниц: 689

Book DescriptionThe materials are organized so that you can teach a three or four hour course that (i) emphasizes consumer bankruptcy or (ii) emphasizes business bankruptcy or (iii) covers both. Three of the authors are award-winning teachers. Three ofthe authors are experienced bankruptcy practitioners. Two of the authors are now bankruptcy judges. All of the authors share the sole "agenda" of teaching materials that prepare students to be effective and ethical lawyers. The materials include a substantial amount of original text, severely edited leading and illustrative cases, Bankruptcy Code excerpts, and, most important, "learning problems." Epstein, Markell, Nickles and Perris believe that second and third year law students learn best by doing, and that students are more willing to "do" problems that are realistic, interesting, and answerable (to the extent that there are answers) with materials available in the book.

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