Обложка книги Bringing Down the Safety Guy

Bringing Down the Safety Guy

ISBN: 0738835471;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation

Bringing Down the Safety Guy answers the question, "How far has American workplace safety come in the last 100 years?" Even though today's management can be somewhat apathetic, we have come far from management statements like "If there's a labor unrest,I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." Today's managers may feel the same way, but they are more politically adept at, instead of killing employees, exporting the work then simply eliminating the American job. A much cleaner, contemporary homicide! The book includes discussions of manufacturing activities, but just as important are discussions of the cultural ramifications that have occurred since NAFTA precipitated the exporting of these types of American jobs to third world countries. Proud people who used to work as seamstresses, assemblers, and warehouse workers and manufacturing employees of every description are not, despite the government's grand ideas, all taking jobs as computer programmers and...