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Jeff Taragano

Health Cents: Isn't It Time Your Health Insurance Wrote You a Check

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ISBN: 0595200303
Издательство: Writers Club Press
In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Taragano has saved corporations millions of dollars. He achieved this through corporate reorganization and cost reduction techniques--obtaining substantial refunds by auditing bills, recovering overcharges and improving systems for companies and individuals over his 20 year career. But it wasn't until his son made over 75 visits to various doctors in one year that he realized how many mistakes doctors, medical billing companies and insurance companies make.By the end of that year, when the errors had amounted to over $3,000 in overcharges--and subsequent refunds--he realized he had developed a system other people could benefit from, too. That system turned into Health Cent$. By using the methods described in this book, he saved over $15,000 in seven years for himself and his family. Using the same system, he saved even more money for his friends, relatives and co-workers.
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