Обложка книги Introductory Statistics with Applications in General Insurance

Introductory Statistics with Applications in General Insurance

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ISBN: 0521652340;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

This is a new edition of a very successful introduction to statistical methods for general insurance practitioners. No prior statistical knowledge is assumed, and the mathematical level required is approximately equivalent to school mathematics. While the book is primarily introductory, the authors discuss some more advanced topics, including simulation, calculation of risk premiums, credibility theory, estimation of outstanding claim provisions and risk theory. All topics are illustrated by examples drawn from general insurance, and references for further reading are given. Solutions to most of the exercises are included. For the new edition, the opportunity has been taken to make minor improvements and corrections throughout the text, to rewrite some sections to improve clarity, and to update the examples and references. A new section dealing with estimation has also been added.

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