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R. Kaas, Marc Goovaerts, Jan Dhaene, Michel Denuit, Rob Kaas

Modern Actuarial Risk Theory

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ISBN: 0792376366
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Apart from standard actuarial theory, Modern Actuarial Risk Theory contains methods that are relevant for actuarial practice, for instance the rating of automobile insurance policies, premium principles and IBNR models, as well as generalized linear models with an eye on actuarial applications. Furthermore extensive introductions are given to credibility theory and ordering of risks. The book reflects the state of the art in actuarial risk theory. In addition to some chapters which are compatible with official material of actuarial education in North-America, Europe and other parts of the world, the book contains important material on topics that are relevant for recent insurance and actuarial developments including determining solvency measures, fair-value computations, reserving, ranking of risks, modelling dependencies and the use of generalized linear models. Basic ideas on risk measures in the framework of insurance premiums are also considered. The numerou! s exercises contained...