Обложка книги Risk Management and the Environment: Agriculture in Perspective

Risk Management and the Environment: Agriculture in Perspective

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ISBN: 140200981X;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

This book addresses one of the key features of contemporary government policy: how to integrate the economic role of agriculture with the societal role of the rural environment. Historical agricultural policy has focussed on encouraging production while protecting farmers from market risk. However production surpluses combined with growing concern over the environmental impacts of intensive agriculture has led to policy changes, which have exposed farmers to more market risk and required them to take account of their impact on the environment. For the first time this book brings these developing policy issues together with a comprehensive consideration of both theoretical and empirical aspects. The first part of the book contains a set of six theoretical contributions to the economics of the agri-environment, including consideration of the associated policy implications. Building on this theoretical base, the second part contains four international case studies of agri-environmental...