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A. V. Melnikov

Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance

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ISBN: 1584884290
Издательство: Chapman & Hall/CRC
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionHistorically, financial and insurance risks were separate subjects most often analyzed using qualitative methods. The development of quantitative methods based on stochastic analysis is an important achievement of modern financial mathematics, one that can naturally be extended and applied in actuarial mathematics. Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance offers the first comprehensive and accessible introduction to the ideas, methods, and probabilistic models that have transformed risk management into a quantitative science and led to unified methods for analyzing insurance and finance risks. The author's approach is based on a methodology for estimating the present value of future payments given current financial, insurance, and other information, which leads to proper, practical definitions of the price of a financial contract, the premium for an insurance policy, and the reserve of an insurance company.Self-contained and full of exercises and worked examples, Risk...
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