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Joseph Antos

Private Discounts, Public Subsidies: How the Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card Really Works

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ISBN: 0844771805
Издательство: American Enterprise Institute PressAmerican Enterprise Institute Press
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionCritics wasted no time in pronouncing the Medicare prescription drug discount card program a failure. The evidence, however, proves otherwise. The new Medicare discount card program can help millions of seniors and disabled people savemoney on their prescriptions. Prices available through Medicare-approved cards are 5?50 percent lower than prices offered by well-known discounters, including AARP, Costco, and drugstore.com. The neediest seniors stand to save even more. For them, discounts negotiated by the card sponsors are only part of the story. Low-income seniors without other drug coverage also receive a $600 taxpayer subsidy and special discounts made available by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Between June and December 2004, these beneficiaries could save between one half and three quarters of their prescription cost through this public-private partnership. Despite the potentially large savings available through Medicare discount cards, initial...
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