Обложка книги An Employee's Guide to Stock Options

An Employee's Guide to Stock Options

ISBN: 0071402306; 9780071402309;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 256

Guidelines for fully understanding and getting full benefit from an employee stock option plan Nearly 10 million U.S. employees are fortunate enough to receive company stock options. Unfortunately, far too many have little or no idea exactly what it is they have. An Employee's Guide to Stock Options provides the first comprehensive­­and comprehensible­­guide to employee stock options, covering what they are, what they are worth, how to maximize their value, and more. Compensation specialist Beth Walker outlines an easy-to-follow program that any employee, at any level, can use to get full value from a company's stock option program. Complete in both its guidelines and its real-life examples, this handy book outlines the fundamental actions that must be taken when stock options are part of a financial plan, as it explains: • Different types of options • How to avoid common and costly mistakes • The...