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Chris Sandlund

Buying a House: An Easy, Smart Guide to Buying a New Home (Barnes & Noble Basics)

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ISBN: 0760740151
Издательство: Silver Lining Books
The process of selecting a house, making a bid, and getting a mortgage can drive even the sanest adult to near distraction. Where should you buy? How do you put in a bid and get a mortgage? What goes into the inspection, so you catch any problems before the deal is closed? And how should you decorate, landscape, and remodel? From starting the house hunt to drawing up a contract, from locking in a rate to finding a reputable moving company, here's the guide that covers it all. Before you're through, you'll feel sure whether you want a new home or a fixer-upper; how to calculate taxes; whether to hire a real estate lawyer; and what things to watch out for so your fantasy will become wonderful reality.