Обложка книги Capitate Your Kids

Capitate Your Kids


ISBN: 0142000922;
Издательство: Penguin Books

Based on the "capitation" method used in the health-care field, Dr. John Whitcomb's six-step program begins by giving kids control of the money parents would normally spend on them. Families design and sign a contract detailing their mutual responsibilities, and parents agree not to interfere with their children's fiscal choices. Teenagers need to know about money management, yet these skills are not taught in schools, but through real life experience-and here is a proven method to put your kids' financial heads on! Humorous and realistic, this step-by-step plan explains: * How to calculate the first budget * When to start teaching children about money * How many times to expect a child to lose his ATM card in the first year (three) * And other invaluable lessons