Обложка книги Depression Proof Your Future

Depression Proof Your Future

ISBN: 0971060975;
Издательство: Process Books

The author, a university professor struggling to make ends meet on an inadequate faculty salary that always lagged behind inflation, evolved strategies for personal money management that will work for you. Pin not your hopes for a comfortable retirement on that long overdue raise, on lucky breaks, or on a government bailout, but plan for that secure future using these simple techniques of money managment. Ever feel like economic cannon fodder? Apply the advice in this book and you'll never feel that helpless again. Control your financial destiny. While others all around you are bemoaning their fate, you can take charge of your own financial future. Your 401K down the drain and your job in jeopardy? The advice in this book can help you avoid disaster. Will you have Social Security when you retire? Will we solve the energy crisis? Can our government eliminate unemployment? Is a major depression inevitable? Answers to these and other questions are what you will need to...