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Ellen Braitman

Dollars and Sense for College Students: Or How Not to Run Out of Money by Mid-Terms (Princeton Review Series)

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ISBN: 0375752064
Издательство: Princeton Review
Going away to school, everyone gets the same lecture: Only use your credit card in an emergency. Well, a 1:00 A.M. pizza is an emergency, right? And a new snowboard? After a semester or two of "emergencies," not to mention the phone bill, the meal plan, text-books, car repairs, rent, and spring-break airline tickets, you may find yourself in a serious mess. So whether you're just heading off to school, or counting down the days to graduation, Dollars & Sense for College Students will help you develop the smart habits and make the savvy decisions that will keep you out of financial trouble. The advice inside includes: *Choosing a credit card, and the truth about "teaser" rates *Managing your bank accounts *Becoming a smart shopper: "Do I have to have it today?" *Owning a car at school: what to watch for *Setting a budget *Finding great deals: travel, computers, phone service, and more!
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