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Gary D. Moore

Faithful Finances 101: From the Poverty of Fear and Greed to the Riches of Spiritual Investing

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ISBN: 1932031308
Издательство: Templeton Foundation Press
A resource for integrating faith and finances, Faithful Finances 101 is a first-person narrative by an outspoken advocate of faith-based investing. Financial counselor Gary Moore strips the veneer from evangelical views of the illusions that dominated much of the economic scenes of the last two decades and offers, with "hopeful realism," a guide to true riches based on a biblical worldview. Moore moves from frank observations on religious pride to a discussion of making money but losing faith. He sees faith as integral to each and every aspect of investing. Using the financial teachings of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, he shows people how to take sound but fragmented ideas about modern political, economic, and theological reality and mold them intoa coherent whole. He cites people he respects, including Henri Nouwen, Chuck Colson, Sir John Templeton, and Robert Schuller. Differentiating between having a Christian financial planner and having a Christian financial plan, Moore...