Обложка книги From Selling to Serving : The Essence of Client Creation

From Selling to Serving : The Essence of Client Creation

ISBN: 0793192072;
Издательство: Dearborn Trade, a Kaplan Professional Company

People dislike being sold, but love to be served. A recent Business Week study revealed that two-thirds of financial services clients are thinking about leaving their advisors. Given this climate of change, are you frightened by the challenge or excited by the opportunity? Many people in advisory roles-financial representatives, attorneys, brokers and bankers are at crossroads. The old model of relating to clients based on controlling them is no longer effective. From Selling to Serving offers another way, a way to create significant and rewarding client relationships. How you communicate with your client's accounts for 85% of the relationship. Yet most professionals spend only 15% of their time developing these vital skills and abilities. The Client Creator&trade Process in From Selling to Serving helps you understand the principles and patterns necessary to focus on creating quality relationships and sustaining success...