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Rich Mintzer

Getting Out of Debt: Repair Bad Credit and Restore Your Finances! (Fastread)

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· OZON.ru 833р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 1580625096
Издательство: Adams Media Corporation
It's easy to get a credit card-which means it's just as easy to rack up a ton of debt. But paying off these debts doesn't have to begin with a trip to the credit counselor. There are plenty of ways in which someone can lessen their debt on their own-theyjust need to learn how to break the vicious credit cycle. fastread Getting Out of Debt teaches just that. If you're tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, fastread Getting Out of Debt is the book for you. It shows: The importance of creatingand maintaining a budget Ways to acquire additional income How to keep credit card debt manageable How to obtain, read, and understand a credit report Most importantly, once that debt-free milestone is achieved, it shows how to avoid accruing debt again. Start paving the way toward financial security with the help of fastread Getting Out of Debt.
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