Обложка книги How to Buy a Home With No or Poor Credit

How to Buy a Home With No or Poor Credit

ISBN: 0471119962;
Издательство: Wiley

Own your own home-regardless of your credit rating You can be a homeowner—even if your credit is nothing to brag about or virtually non-existent. This practical, fact-filled guide shows how to achieve your goal of home ownership with your current credit. Mortgage loan officer Thomas K. Masters teaches you the basics of home buying, from alternative mortgage programs to financing tips that will help you avoid the red tape of many home loans. Clear, concise, and free of technical jargon, this accessible, straightforward reference is filled with real-life examples. Here's where you can find essential information on: "Qualifying ratios" set by the federal lending authorities Assumable financing, wraparound financing, quitclaim deeds with refinance options, lease options, and quick qualifying loans What to look for in a lender Ways to qualify for low-down and no-down payment home loans Understanding loan applications and forms How to clean up your...