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Ed Dzwonkowski

How You Can Become A Millionaire: Your Lifetime Guide for Building Wealth and Achieving Financial Independence

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ISBN: 0966382218
Издательство: Great Spirit Publishing Company
Written by a Certified Financial Planner in a friendly and engaging style that both teaches and inspires, How You Can Become A Millionaire is a step-by-step guide for building a lifetime of wealth and achieving financial independence, with action steps to help you get started immediately. The book is excellently arranged in four parts, with each part building on what you learn in the previous parts. Getting Acquainted with the Idea of Becoming a Millionaire shows you that becoming a millionaire is alot easier than you think. You will see that it is indeed possible for you, too, to become a millionaire, starting from scratch. The Mathematics of Becoming a Millionaire teaches you basic mathematical concepts and how they apply to money. You willlearn how money grows, and what you can do to grow your own money. The Mechanics of Becoming a Millionaire goes into great detail about saving and investing your money in order to have it grow into a million dollars. You will learn...