Обложка книги Investing Offshore: Secrets of Asset Protection

Investing Offshore: Secrets of Asset Protection


ISBN: 1581600909;
Издательство: Paladin Press

Are crushing taxes and suffocating government regulations cramping your style? Consider escaping these twin enemies of free enterprise in the shelter of an offshore tax haven. Investing offshore shows you how to take advantage of the freedom and confidentiality that offshore financial centers offer and explains how and where to set up your assets beyond the reach of money-hungry bureaucrats and tax collectors. Author Robert Forbush runs a thriving consulting business that sets up and manages offshore companies for people just like you. Here he shares such insider tips on establishing your offshore structure, including deciding how much money to stow away, opening an office, appointing trusted third-party directors to manage the operation and much more. He also covers setting up a trust to protect your hard-earned cash in case you kick off suddenly while enjoying the good life with your new-found wealth. This book is your ticket to the idyllic offshore tax haven - one that will keep...