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Ivan H. Scheier

Making Dreams Come True without Money, Might or Miracles

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ISBN: 0940576236
Издательство: Energize, Inc
An extraordinary book that caps Ivan Scheier’s long career as philosopher, provocateur, and conscience of the volunteer field. He urges us all to nurture dreams--our own and those of others. But this is also a practical, you-can-do-it guidebook for activist volunteers and their mentors, showing what dreamers and “Dream-Catchers” must do to bring dreams to life; how to look beyond money as a need, obstacle or trap; ways to get past barriers, bigots, and anchors; how to create a dream-friendly environment; and what makes dreams die...and what makes them live. Ideal for leaders of volunteers who play the role of "dream-catcher" every day. This special book will inspire and motivate you, volunteers, and anyone who wants to make a difference.
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