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Lorianne Holt

Minimum Wage to Millionaire: How to Get Rich Cheap

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ISBN: 0595149936
Издательство: Writers Club Press
"Minimum Wage to Millionaire! - How to Get Rich Cheap" is an easy-to-read blueprint to financial security, based upon the premise that someone making only a minimum wage income CAN retire with $1,000,000, armed with the right know-how, and correct guidance. "Minimum Wage to Millionaire! - How to Get Rich Cheap" will provide this know-how and guidance to make it possible, by age 65, to have $1,000,000, starting from a minimum wage income, if you follow the amazing easy plan provided. If someone at minimum wage can do it, so can you! You can't afford not to find out how to achieve this goal, no matter what your income level!
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