Обложка книги Money As Sacrament: Finding the Sacred in Money

Money As Sacrament: Finding the Sacred in Money

ISBN: 1587611376;
Издательство: Celestial Arts

Too taboo to discuss in public, but central to many private conversations, money and the power it has over us is always on our minds. In MONEY AS SACRAMENT, Adele Azar-Rucquoi examines how money affects women?s outlook on life, relationships, confidence, independence, and inner peace. As a former nun who grew up running the cash register at her immigrant father?s grocery, the wife of a formerly homeless man, and the unsuspecting heir to a substantial inheritance later in life, Azar-Rucquoi?s defining life experiences have transformed how she relates to money and helped her develop keen perspective and uncommon wisdom on how money impacts lives. In MONEY AS SACRAMENT, Azar-Rucquoi looks at how women are deeply conflicted by wealth?or the lack thereof?and encourages us to recognize its inherently multifaceted meaning. In this thoughtful and provocative collection of 50 stories about women who grapple with such issues, Azar-Rucquoi inspires us all to finally make...