Обложка книги Money Talks: Black Finance Experts Talk to You About Money

Money Talks: Black Finance Experts Talk to You About Money


ISBN: 0471383988; 9780471383987;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 220

Black America?s Financial Elite Tell You How the Money Machine Works?and How to Increase Your Personal Wealth "Investment books tend to be as dry as the Sahara at high noon, but Money Talks is a stellar exception. Fairley has compiled a book full of practical tips . . . a guided tour through the labyrinth of finance with some of the most savvy money people in America. The chance to take that journey is well worth the price of admission."?Ellis Cose, author, The Rage of a Privileged Class and Color-Blind "All Americans will cherish this literary work which captures the thoughts and deeds of Black America?s financial elite. These men and women are playing a major role in reshaping the economic fabric of America. They are pioneers; they are trailblazers; but more importantly, they are Financial Freedom Fighters."?Kelvin Boston, author, Smart Money Moves for African Americans and publisher, Moneywise Magazine "In her distillation of these...

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