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Steve Diggs

No Debt, No Sweat!: Catching Up, Getting Ahead, and Enjoying Life

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ISBN: 0805427449
Издательство: Broadman & Holman Publishers
No Debt, No Sweat! shows Christians how to free themselves from the bondage of financial pain. It is written for people who are financially sound and looking for investment strategies as well as people who are in financial turmoil and need a successfulplan for getting out of debt. Author Steve Diggs discusses some very serious issues, with a style that is humorous and upbeat. His focus is biblical, while his approach is confessional. No Debt, No Sweat! will teach readers that over-spending is frequently a spiritual issue?often trying to fill the holes in our hearts with stuff. Yet, upon closer examination, readers will see that these holes are shaped exactly like Jesus?and nothing else will fill them.
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